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Office Anywhere (sometimes simply called “Anywhere”) is a Mobility feature that allows calls placed to a user’s office phone to ring to any phone set up with the feature. Most users designate their mobile phone as their “Office Anywhere" phone.

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  1. From the main dashboard, locate the Anywhere panel. Click on Setup Numbers.
setup numbers
  1. It will take you to the Anywhere Setup page.
  1. To add a number, click the Plus icon on the Phone Number table header. The Add Phone Number dialog box will appear.
user service settings
  1. Enter the phone number you wish to add along with the description in the appropriate fields. 
  2. You can also add an Outbound Alternate Number. This number will show to recipients as your number when calling.
add phone number
  1. For each Number you add, you can enable specific options, including:

         a. Is Active -Enable Office Anywhere the feature to on.
         b. Use Diversion Inhibitor - Allows for a certain number of rings before routing to an answering service, like voicemail or find me/follow me.
         c. Answer Confirmation Required - The call recipient must press a key before being connected, letting the recipient know the call was not directly and/or originally sent to that line.
         d. BroadWorks Call Control - Allows the user to access the system call control features (i.e. Call Hold and Call Forward) via Feature Access Codes.
  2. Click Save.
  3. To set the Anywhere Settings, click on the Settings icon. The Settings Window will appear.
  4. If you would like all phones that have been set up as Anywhere phones alerted when you place Click-to-Dial Calls, click the Settings button, then select Alert All Locations for Click-to-Dial.
  5. Additionally, if you would like all phones that have been set up as Anywhere phones alerted when you receive Group Pages, select Alert All Locations for Group Paging.
  6. Click Save when complete.
Edit settings
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